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Chapter Eleven: Valiant

 I don't think I've had a sleep in this good since living at home with Nora. Although the couch was rather small it was as comfortable as a fluffy white cloud. I wanted to just lay there for an eternity. You truly never know what you have until you completely lose it all… And lose it all I did. It's still puzzled me to know who the strange mech was who was kind enough to take me in last night. I was it least thankful he was kind enough to take proper care of me and not stick me in a cage like the others did. Letting out a sleepy yawn I was about to go back into a deep slumber when he came over putting a tray down of what looked to be energon tea and energon eggs.

" Good morning Lightning. Did you sleep well?"

" yes, sir! I slept really good" 

Usually when I was happy about something I would wag my tail but the couch was so small that it got stuck between the arm of the couch and my aft. Carefully I set myself up giving a sniff to the delicious smelling breakfast. It is been quite awhile since I had had actual food.

 " I bought you some breakfast" 

" thank you so much, sir! "

" ah yes, I should tell you my name. Valiant, my name is Valiant" 

" valiant… What a nice name."

" you are too kind my dear" 

A warm gentle smile crept across his face as he began to pour the energon tea. The smell was simply magnificent. I wanted to just eat everything in front of me but I knew that I will probably burn my golossa on the hot tea. Nora on some occasions had it so I knew what It could do. I was very eager to try it, Only one problem… How was I going to drink the tea? I didn't have any hands (and I had no idea I had the ability to transform at the time) so I again to eat it the predacon way lapping up the liquid with my golossa. The warm feeling and the delicious taste was spectacular. Once I was finished I looked around to see a little bit of a mess on the floor… bits of the tea had fallen out of my golossa and onto the floor. I watched as valiant delicately drank his spilling none at all. I lower my wings feeling guilty for the mess that I had created

" I-I am sorry..." 

" It's quite alright my dear. I am going to teach you how to control yourself a little bit better. You are a creature of great strength and power and if you can learn how to use those powers then you could become something greater than you ever know" 

" Are you sure you can teach me… I'm not exactly sure if I can even do something so challenging"

" Just look at yourself. You are capable of speech. Something that is difficult for your species. You were able to survive on your own after… Things didn't go so well and you have been surviving magnificently with little resources. I truly believe that you have the spark Of a warrior. I am willing to teach you how to become a legendary racer… But you must be willing to learn" 

I didn't really know anything about racing at all. I had watched it multiple times on the television at a young age so all I really knew about it was that you go round and round in circles. The older me today would have smack myself in the head if that's all I thought about racing. Racing was one of the most difficult things ever, it may seem simple but it was very dangerous. I sat blankly thinking about all the pros and cons about excepting the racing career. Once I started there was no going back… But it's not like I really had a life anyway. Perhaps this racing was something that I needed to show others that no matter who you are you can achieve amazing things.

" well... okay! Teach me valiant! I want to become a racer" 

" excellent! Excellent! We start at once!" 

Within seconds he got up from his peds and began to run down the hallway hinting at me to follow him with a wave of his hand. What? Were we starting already? Well… I guess there was no point waiting around any longer. Swiftly and almost face planted on the floor tripping over my own long tai,l I trotted after valiant. His house was huge… I have never actually seen it since it was dark and we arrived and I was very exhausted.I could hear my clawed feet echo through the hallway as they taped along the tiled ground. I found Valiant standing by a very large red door. He was politely waiting for me with a gentle smile on his face.

" what is in there?"

" I'm about to show you. You see… I am the leader of an elite police rescue squad. It is basically my job to go around rescuing people all day long and this is the room that I train in. in here also happens to be a racing track which I think would be absolutely perfect for you to start out with. I hope you're ready… This training is going to take some serious physical and mental work"

" yes, Valiant… I am ready" 

gently he opened the door and flicked some sort of button. I watched with my mouth gaping open as lights begin to Flickr on revealing a magnificent large and rather… Dangerous looking race track. Was I really going to race on that?I could see that I could see that all around the race track there was different kinds of objects. I have seen these before, these were obstacles for the racer. I cringed a little knowing that I had heard many stories about races being horribly crippled by these. Valiant as calm as ever looked at me with a smile and pointed over to the starting line

" well off you go" 

" w-what? But… But… I haven't had any training yet! What if I fail? What are they get injured?" 

" Come on now. Don't start don't finish" 

I felt quiver of nervousness go down my back as I walked over to the starting line and stood behind it. It was everything that I have ever dream of… Well, almost everything. I didn't imagine myself being this terrified. Looking up I saw the light switches Flickr. From red to Orange and finally green…my legs felt like jelly. Honestly, I didn't know how I didn't faceplate and onto the floor right then and then. With the mighty burst of adrenaline, I took off racing and whizzing past every obstacle. I was almost certain that I would get hit as I jumped, glided and dodged as best I could. did I get hit? Oh yes… Yes I did

" OW! *Thud*" OWW! *Thud*" OWWW! *Thud* " OWWWW!

Every time an object collided with my body it left a horrible stinging feeling followed by a numbness that felt like it would never fade. By the end of the track I drag myself over is just centimeters away from the finish line and flopped on the floor with exhaustion. I knew for sure that there was no way I wasn't going to be sore… If I had a white flag  Id be waving it about now. Maybe this dream of being a race I was not as simple as I thought. Then again… Dreams are not supposed to be easy. You go for your dreams no matter how hard it is and you don't stop. Letting out exhausted huff all I could do was dizzily stare at Valiants peds. 

" well. You may have done horribly this time kiddo, but just remember… Each time you try… You will get just a little bit better" 
Chapter Eleven: Valiant

After living a lone for a while Lightning has been found out by her incredible skills, however these skills are only a small taste. What is her power and who is this mech? Find out in the next chapter of LOTE! 

My OC Lightning Belongs to Cybertronian-RP (me)
Nora belongs to FuchsiaFemme 

Chapter one: 
The Legend Of The Empress: Chapter one

Chapter Twelve: Coming soon!

Comments are very much appreciated. I lets me know what needs improving. 
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What do you mean?
Nkong775 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Artist
I think Nora is get better.
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Keep reading to find out :la: 
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She died.
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I really liked this chapter melly. It has a nice flair in it having a hidden lesson. Keep up the good work.
Cybertronian-RP Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional Artist
Thank you :heart:
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